3 Big teams flirt with Endrik before ending up as Madrid.

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The agent revealed that there are 3 teams from the Premier League. who tried to sign Endrik before he agreed to move to Real Madrid for a fee of 51 million pounds.

The Brazilian star is part of the national team that will face England at Wembley on Saturday night. He has already been in the senior national team for 2 matches despite being very young.

After becoming Brazilian football’s latest star striker from Palmeiras, he has attracted interest from some of Europe’s top clubs.

Real Madrid have emerged victorious in their pursuit of him. and paid £51m, he will go to Real Madrid this summer. When he turns 18

But Carlo Ancelotti’s side face competition from Premier League sides before that. And his agent has revealed who is vying for the Brazilian youngster’s signature.

The youngster’s agent, Federico Pena, told The UFABET that scouts from all over Europe flocked to France two years ago to watch the Montaigu tournament.

In a stunning display, Endrik scored five goals in four games, leading his team to their first title since 1984 in front of top scouts around the world.

“That was the moment the world stood up and saw,” Pena said.

“People in football already know him. But that’s when all the top teams came: Man City, Liverpool, PSG, Chelsea and of course Real Madrid.

In fact, Chelsea appear to be one of the favorites to secure his signature. Negotiations ended after the club were unwilling to spend a lot of money on a player who might not be available in two years.

“I think Real have decided they can’t afford to miss out on talented players like Viny or Endrik after Neymar left for Barcelona,” Pena added.

“Perhaps there is a lesson for Chelsea because they were ahead from the start.”