12 “Foods 30-Year-Old Women” Should Eat

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At different ages of life The body needs different nutrients. By today we will focus on the story of a 30-year-old women who is consider an adult. That began to have physical, emotional and health changes that are encountered regularly, such as Start to wrinkle. The skin is sagging, not tightened, easily irritated, will exert exertion or act like it was in adolescence. The body began to send signals less than the heart. Plus easy to get fat while eating the same food because the metabolism starts to slow down, so women aged 30 up should choose food that will help increase power Increase metabolism and nourish the body a lot. Will delay premature aging Prevent anyone from calling “Auntie” to get upset. What will be there? We gathered and told สมัคร ufabet.

1. Water

Water is something that people of all genders and ages need to drink every day. But the reasons that we need to raise water are recommended here. It is because when women are getting older Skin begins to wither and lack moisture over time. Make it look premature However, drinking a lot of water can slow down those symptoms, so 30-year-old women who want to have firmer, firm skin need to drink water regularly. At least 8-10 glasses a day and in addition to water will help nourish the skin of the girls to look better. Water also helps the circulatory, digestive and brain systems to function better.

2. Cow’s milk

Actually requires 1,000-1,200 milligrams of calcium per day for women in their 30s, but most women get very little calcium. The lack of calcium in our body is at risk of developing osteoporosis. As women are in their 30s, the estrogen associated with bones starts to decline. Plus, the various bone masses also decay at this time. So when we get calcium that helps build strong bones in small quantities. It results in us easily suffering from osteoporosis,

So if you want to avoid osteoporosis in the future I have to eat foods that contain a lot of calcium, such as drinking cow’s milk, because milk is high in calcium. They should choose to drink skim or low fat milk. Which 250 ml of skim milk has a calcium content of 300 mg. But if any young girl is a person who doesn’t like to drink much milk We recommend mixing milk with your breakfast cereal. Will have another delicious breakfast Plus, the body gets iron from grains in cereals. Help prevent anemia as well.  

3. Ginger

Water Ginger has a hot effect. Helps the blood flow of women in their 30s to flow more easily. Plus, a study from the University of Georgia found that ginger juice can help relieve body aches. Including menstrual cramps In addition, ginger juice also contains phenolic compounds. Which is a substance that helps relieve irritation in the intestines Along with stimulating effects of the digestive system It helps to reduce abdominal distension and relieve bloating as well. As for anyone interested in additional benefits of ginger juice Anyway, go and have a look here.

4. Red wine

Red wine contains resveratrol (Resveratrol), which is a type of flavonoid. Derive from the rind of grapes The flavonoids are antioxidants. That help prevent cells in our body from being damage. And can help slow down aging Should be pleasing to women quite a bit, plus drinking wine regularly can help prevent flu and reduce the risk of respiratory infections as well. Moreover Red wine can also reduce bad cholesterol. But at the same time increases the good cholesterol It reduces the risk of heart disease as well.

Knowing this Would deny that the wine is suitable for women in their 30s, it is not really possible. Drinking wine has this kind of benefit and efficiency. You have to drink only 1-2 glasses a day. Do not forget that wine is a type of alcoholic beverage. If you drink too much, you can get drunk too.

5. Green Tea

Another drink that women in their 30s should not miss is green tea. Research published in the journal Nutrition Research reports that women who drink three cups of green tea a day can reduce their risk of osteoporosis by 30%, but must be brewed-only green tea. It’s not related to ready-to-drink green tea at convenience stores that have been flavored and added with sugar.

For women who drink coffee in the morning on a regular basis. I try to turn to drink green tea instead is better. Because green tea contains caffeine that helps to increase energy, making women feel refreshed and energized just like in coffee. But the key is There are other benefits, such as improving the metabolism in the body. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

6. Greek yogurt,

do you notice that the women are getting older Body weight is likely to increase as well. The reason is because the metabolism starts to deteriorate. Until it has more fat accumulated in the body, so it is easy for women aged 30 to turn to a diet that stimulates a lot of metabolism, one of the foods that we recommend is low-sugar, high-protein snacks like Greek yogurt or natural yogurt Who put nothing in it Because yogurt like this is high in protein, B vitamins, calcium and potassium. Which in addition to stimulating the metabolism It also allows us to receive various nutrients to help nourish the body.

7. Green leafy vegetables and fruits that are high in beta-carotene.

As you know, green leafy vegetables are very low in calories, allowing women to eat vegetables without fear of getting fat. Plus in vegetables there are antioxidants, iron and fiber that help nourish the skin, slow down aging, stimulate red blood cell formation. And improves the digestive system Until resulting in girls having good health Far from constipation, comfortable ever.

In addition, choosing fruits that are high in beta-carotene, such as pumpkin, tomato, ripe papaya, banana, eggs and cayenne, is also one way to help women far from the to And skin that can wrinkle because beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A. And is considered one of the antioxidants Which helps slow down the deterioration of cells Make the girls’ skin not wrinkled and beta-carotene also helps nourish the eyes of women to see clearly. 

8. Cereals

 We understand that when working, girls tend to find a snack or dessert to eat with But those foods may not be very healthy. But if switching to grains or nuts instead, would it be better? Red beans, green beans, black beans, peanuts, and millet are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber, helping to fill your stomach with good health at the same time But should be eaten without butter or sprinkled with salt

9. Soy

As you age, estrogen decreases. As a result, bone mass is reduced as well. Plus the complexion does not tighten And also feel frustrated more easily But did you know that eating soy can help reduce those symptoms? Because soybeans contain isoflavones Which is structurally similar to the hormone estrogen As a result, eating soy can replace the estrogen hormone the body lost.

What is more cool is Soy also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. And without cholesterol In addition, soy protein can help lower bad cholesterol levels. Eat and do not have to be afraid of obesity, so women in their 30s will try to turn to eating soy on a regular basis. Seems to make sense quite a bit It may be eaten in food form, water, tofu or soy milk, less sugar, one cup a day is equally delicious, oh, and soy is not just that useful. If you want to know more You can go see it here.

10. Eggs.

Many people understand that eggs are high in cholesterol. Eating is not good for heart health But we want to make a new understanding That cholesterol is high in eggs Good cholesterol Which is useful for the body And most importantly, eating eggs in moderation is 1 egg per day can also reduce bad cholesterol. Makes you have a lower risk of heart disease as well.

11. Fish

Fish such as salmon or tuna, are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, both DHA and EPA, so everyone should eat. Especially with young women in their 30s whose cartilage begins to deteriorate Because a study from Cardiff University found that Fish helps eliminate enzymes that destroy cartilage. Thus helping to slow down the degenerative cartilage symptoms And reduce inflammation around the cartilage.

12. Chili Paste, Boiled Vegetables,

Chili Dip There are many benefits Either from the chili paste itself Containing herbs such as chili and garlic, which stimulate the circulatory system. And reduce the level of fat and blood sugar levels, plus fish, both mackerel or fish meal. Which is as already mentioned That fish can help nourish the cartilage for women in their 30s.

In addition, the distinctive flavor of the chili paste is spicy and spicy. Making us unable to eat chili paste without having to eat with red boiled vegetables Therefore benefiting from a variety of vegetables I can say that just eating chili paste for food will have double benefits. And if you don’t know what chili paste to eat Try to look at the cool chili chili recipes that the dot com jar has ever recommended.