Magalhaes compliments the real boss “Ta” the chain in the middle of the gun

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Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes has praised working with head coach Mikel Arteta for creating a harmonious and ambitious atmosphere within the squad. Until there is still a chance to win 3 championships at this time

The Gunners beat Oxford United 3-0 in the FA Cup third round yesterday, keeping them on track to success. Together with the English Premier League and Europa League ufabet

The Brazilian’s credit goes to Arteta for being the real spark when you’re cool, no matter how old or young you are. 

“I think everyone knows about us, the young power team. At the head, the heart is bold, “opening the mouth through ‘ESPN Brazil’.

“Magalhaes came to talk to us about many things. He is a coach who is very close to the players.”

“Starting from the beginning was difficult. The more the previous season missed the Champions League ticket painfully. Come this year, thank God that everyone concentrates well, trains hard and wins nicely. It is a step-by-step development. Because I know in my heart the challenge.”

“There has never been an easy game in the past. Must prepare the meat well. Which in the end will see results.

“Arteta always gives us confidence. and everyone practiced diligently In the past, there were many games that needed improvement. Learning from mistakes has enormous benefits. The strength is close together.” 

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